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The coils are specially designed to operate in the aggressive environment of high humidity and temperature fluctuations that you find in most refrigeration systems. The new Clip-on fastening system ensures a faultless installation and makes the coils easy to mount and dismount. A Danfoss Clip-on coil can be mounted without any tools at all, and it is simple to dismount the coil by means of a screwdriver. The Clip-on coils are available for the entire range of Danfoss solenoid valves for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning purposes.


  • •Coil 110V 50Hz
  • •Coil 110V 60Hz
  • •Coil 220V 50Hz
  • •Coil 220V 60Hz
Pressure Control

KP pressure controls are for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to give protection against excessively low suction pressure or excessively high discharge pressure. KP pressure controls are also used for starting and stopping refrigeration compressors and fans on air-cooled condensers. A KP pressure control can be connected directly to a single-phase AC motor of up to approx. 2 kW or installed in the control circuit of DC motors and large AC motors. KP pressure controls are fitted with a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch. The position of the switch is determined by the pressure control setting and the pressure at the connector.


  • •KP-1
  • •KP-5
  • •KP-15
  • •KP-17
Temperature Control

RT temperature controls incorporate a temperature controlled, single-pole changeover switch where the contact position depends on the temperature of the sensor and the set scale value. The RT series consists of temperature controls with room sensors, duct sensors and capillary tube sensors for general industrial and marine applications.


  • •RT-1...RT-7
  • •RT-101...RT-107
  • •RT-120...RT-140
Filter Dryer

The range of filter driers cover both hermetic filter driers and filter driers with exchangeable core. The hermetic filter drier is delivered with various functions: standard filter drier, bi-flow filter drier, combi filter drier and burn-out filter drier. For the filter drier with exchangeable core the program cover: standard core for CFC / HCFC, standard core for HFC, burn-out core and mechanical filter. The filter drier housing is available with 1 to 4 cores.


  • •DCL032...DCL083
  • •DCL163...DCL166
  • •DCL303...DCL306
Expansion Valve

The TE series expansion valve regulate the injection of refrigerant into evaporators. It controls the refrigerant flow based on the superheat. The exchangeable power element is produced with the well known Danfoss laser technology for extended lifetime capability. The TE series is available with a wide range of orifices which will cover a wide range of applications.



  • •TE/TEX-2
  • •TE/TEZ-2
  • •TE/TES-2
  • •TE 5
  • •TE 12
  • •TE 20


  • •No 0... No 6
  • •TE 5 No1...No4
  • •TE 12 No5...No7
  • •TE 20 No8...No9
  • •TE 55 No10...No13
Solenoid Valve

Danfoss solenoid valve bodies and electrical coils are normally supplied separately and then combined. They are assembled quickly and simply without tools, providing optimum product flexibility and availibility. If a coil does need to be replaced, it can be done without stopping or draining any system. The solenoid valves are also available as assembled units if required.


  • •EVR-6
  • •EVR-8
  • •EVR-10
  • •EVR-15
  • •EVR-20
  • •EVR-22
  • •EVR-25
  • •EVR-32
Sight Glass

Danfoss produces and delivers a complete range of sight glasses for all applications. Available in solder, flare, face seal or socket versions, they include types for monitoring of flow, moisture and liquid level. The Danfoss sight glasses indicators are optimized for the relevant refrigerants in the market.


  • •SGN-6...SGN-16
  • •SGI-6...SGI-16